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Learning practically helps us gain the required real-life experiences in understanding all the things taught at school, which help us love learning, enjoy the process of education, really understand all the concepts, and never forget them throughout our lives. Learning by doing proves to be interactive, practical, creative, enjoyable, skillful & helpful.


The academic curriculum does not prepare us for the market skill sets required in professional life to maintain our livelihood. Even after many years of education students are not proficient in basic skills of reading, writings & communications. Also, for a good personality, students must be taught many life skills from beginning


We need an educational revolution from theoretical education to practical education. Theoretical learning itself cannot provide the necessary practical application of the theoretical education. Practical learning provides better understanding, encourages passionate self-learning and overall provides a practical approach to life in solving problems. With new education policies & revolution all across the globe there is shift towards practical application & skill set based learning.


We see students lack an interest towards education, and mostly consider it as a burden. There is lack of enjoyment and passion towards the topics & subjects which children learn in schools. With this lack in interest, students get bored with understanding new things and fail to develop a PASSION FOR LEARNING, which hampers their growth in professional field of working as well. When we do, rather than just study, we enjoy the learning process and also have fun doing it, generating and enormous PASSION FOR LEARNING, making us always excited to learn new things and keep on acquiring new knowledge.


Acquiring knowledge by only reading books is incomplete. Until we apply & experience what we learn, there is no significance of the bookish knowledge, when we cannot put it into good use. Practical knowledge gives us the necessary experience, we never forgot what we do & learn, gives better exposure for learning and helps in better understanding of all the basic & fundamental concepts. As mind can absorb bookish knowledge only to some extent and until there is any experience or passion associated with it we do not engage in learning and the entire education proves to be futile.


We have been learning traditional subjects but the technology and market in which the present society lives has changed a lot. Children must be introduced to all the 21st Century courses for them to excel in their lives. Computers & Electronics has seen a major revolution in the 21st century and students must have some knowledge and skill sets regarding it. Apart from reading & communication skills, the changing times have given significance to skills like critical thinking, decision making, creativity, mind mapping, etc. Students must also know various life skills to survive in today’s world.

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